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In the White Space

“Branding is what happens in the time in between experiences…”

Every brand and every story starts as a white space.

It is a space that is filled and overflowing with possibility, of birds waiting to take flight, of universes waiting to be born. The white space opens itself to the infinite possibilities of a brand, and it is appropriate that here should be where it is born.

For us, one of the most vital parts of the brand is how it bursts forth from this white space and creates a place for itself in the minds and hearts of the consumer, client, and anyone else who comes in contact with it. The brand’s colors, its shapes, and its contours also form its moods and personality. This is where we operate.

The challenges that we seek are those that help a client to define the white space. Working with brand managers and owners to understand the essence of a new or a renewed brand, the initial lines are drawn. These lines become the borders of the brand’s community, the inclusive circle that is an affirmation of the brand, that evokes an emotional connection to it, and that moves them inexorably toward it.

Branding and graphic design are both the vehicles of creating a brand’s true identity. In this way, we continue to respect the white space throughout the process, shaping the space to define the brand. It has been said that branding is what happens in the time in between experiences of the brand, the linking filigree that keeps a brand foremost in the mind even when it is not in active use.

It does not need to be ornate and overly symbolic. It does not need to be a literal representation of the product to be branded, nor does it need necessarily to be an abstract notion. Each brand has its own character, language, and values – and each must begin with its own white space in order to express them.

We believe very strongly in the individual aspects of a brand and its need to be communicated in a way that pulls at the heartstrings of its followers. This unique blend of thought and word applies to any brand you can think of – the true brands are those who owe none of their shine to any other.

The blank canvas is the beginning of your brand’s identity, its life, and its journey. The white space is its playground. We want brands to grow and develop to their highest capacities and it is in this space that it all begins.

Allow your brand to take flight.

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