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Art Direction


“A performance about dualities in life itself, between each other and ourselves. On how everything is intertwined, and nothing can exist without this balance.”

With an unmistakable fascination on dualities and from the perspective of multiple generations, Jelena Kostic portraits life as an unstoppable marathon in which everyone has his own love affairs, and his own ways of falling down and keep standing up.

The idea was to do a research on dualities and one’s inner life. One idea that has always fascinated me is Plato’s Soulmates story, so I tried to expand and
visualise this idea.

Jean-Paul Sartre’s thoughts was a vast source of inspiration too, for this project. I tried to visualise his words and translate them into images.

I guess I could say this campaign is somewhat a dualism itself.
Plato vs Sartre.

I am my own freedom.
Jean Paul Sartre


Photography: Lonneke van der Palen
Models: Noëmi Wagner & Josien Hennen

Client / 

Jelena Kostic,


Role / 

Art Direction


Year / 


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