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Label Design

Tikves Chardonnay

The Brief

The target group is classified as a young population with the dynamic lifestyle that appreciates good food, frequently goes out and has contemporary habits. In terms of ages the target group is mainly consisted of 21 years till 40 years old, males and females equally, who like to drink high-quality wines.

Concept and Idea
Mainly based on typography solution to target young population.

Label 1 is inspired by Vardar valley, mountains, wind, and river. Type and embellishments are die cut.
Label 2 is inspired by grapes, Vardar valley, Sun, rain, melon and tropical fruit. The white colour is printed on transparent film.
Label 3 is inspired by a bunch of grapes, illustrated in a contemporary manner by using pattern style. Colours are printed on transparent film.

Client / 

Tikves, Macedonia

Role / 

Label Design​

Year / 


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