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Packaging Design


A well-established producer on the Serbian market – Carnex – is introducing a brand new segment: the premium products that carry the unique tastes and scents of Italy. They sing to gourmands, speak their verses to hedonists, paint their delicious visions to those who enjoy good food and drink. These products were made for connoisseurs.


L’esperienza di questa dolce vita.
Dante Alighieri


The experience of this sweet life, or La Dolce Vita, is the Italian way of loving life, its scrumptious goodness, its pleasures and luxuries. It’s a story about joy, about indulgence, about passion and letting oneself go.

La Dolce Vita lives in the package’s appetizing arrangements, the simplicity of combinations of food, colours, forms, in the hand-drawn typography and precise visual elements that seek to create together, as a perfectly tuned orchestra, a capo lavoro – a masterpiece.

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Idea and Packaging Design

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McCANN Belgrade


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