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Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Packaging Design,
Art Direction, Web Design


We created a concept for the KI brand and worked alongside the most famous Serbian TV personality, Marija Kilibarda.

KI is a brand of uniquely designed jewelry with Maria's signature, the first collection called "Labyrinth" was launched in 2020.

Our task was to start from the very beginning and create the visual identity of the KI brand, but also to tell a story about energy, a very personal story that should adequately convey emotion, initial idea, and inspiration, but also clearly present the aesthetics of the Labyrinth collection and all future collections.

"KI is circular life energy with which we are born with and whose existence is the basis of Eastern philosophy. Energy exists within us but it is also directed at the people around us. To live in harmony with ourselves and the environment, it is necessary to express that energy, to proudly show it and let it guide us. With a sense of security and satisfaction. Boldly and with a smile, completely free and unrestrained."


Client / 

Marija Kilibarda


Role / 

Brand Stategy, Brand identity, Web Design

Photo / 

Misa Obradovic/
Peno media

Year / 


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