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Web Design

Jelena Kostic

Explore the mesmerising collection of dance films and choreographic projects that mirror Jelena's vision. Each piece is a story, narrated through the language of movement and brought to life on your screen. Our web design mimics the creativity of her art—minimalistic yet profound, allowing her work to shine as the centrepiece.


The design of this website mirrors the ethos of Jelena's craft—fluid, dynamic, and unexpected. It adjusts and flows, inviting visitors to meander through content intuitively. 


From the layout to the choice of colour palettes, every element is engineered to create an immersive experience that resonates with visitors. The use of whitespace gives room for contemplation, much like the pauses in a dance routine—an anticipation before the crescendo.


Our website is a tribute to the spellbinding art of dance and choreography as envisioned by Jelena Kostić. Here, every click propels you deeper into a realm where creativity knows no bounds and elegance is encapsulated in digital form.

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Jelena Kostic


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Web Design

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