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Brand Identity, Packaging Design,
Brand&Communication Strategy

Dramatizon makeup

Brand Personality

true | True to color, true to its customers, true to its principles. Honest.
emotional | And proud of it. Dramatizon is a makeup brand that paints emotions, that celebrates drama and all its queens.
expressive/creative | Emotion is not to be kept bottled up, emotion makes us beautifully human. Dramatizon is expressive and encourages others to express themselves, thereby infusing their creativity (with both inspiration and literal, colorful means for them to show it all).

The Brand Belief

Dramatizon believes that everyone has a bit of drama inside.
A bit of eccentricity. A lot of color. A whole bunch of joy, love, passion, rage, and more love, and more passion, and a strong need for personal expression.

Models: Paris Al-Atraqchi, Nina, Alina Zemscova
Photographers: Isadora Bravo, Garrett Holmes 

Client / 

Dramatizon, New York


Role / 

Brand Stategy, Creative &
Art Direction

Year / 


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