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Mystique glamour of Greta Garbo in Barcelona
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Garbo, Vinateria Gastronomica, Barcelona

There are so many logos and brands around the world not being noticed or globally recognised. The reason is obvious - they are simply not partaking in this, nowadays not even so new, internet and social media game. During my travels I’ve came across many I find very interesting and deserving some spot light. During the years I have discovered, photographed and filed many small businesses, shops and restaurants and recently decided to give them a tiny space, telling their stories seen from my perspective. My point of view as a designer and a storyteller and somewhat a customer. I don’t know who were the creators of most of those logos and Brand identities and I hope these articles will reach them.

I am aware that I might not be the regular customer as I tend to analyse logotypes and write stories in my head and create connections with what I experienced as a customer. That’s how this idea to write about these attention-grabbing logotypes finally came to life.

I was strolling the streets during one of my travels and seeing one of the logos I like made me realise that probably a very small number of people had been and will be able to see this logo. That inspired me to take out my camera and started taking photographs of logos in the windows.

One of the first of the brand stories will be from Barcelona, a beautiful city I have spent quite a lot of time in and I go back every year. The first story I chose to write is about tapas and wine place, Garbo. I’ve found it very intriguing and had to find out what the story was all about.

The logotype is quite simple by its appearance, nothing too crazy or quirky. I love the way the author mixed timeless serif typography with the modern approach in breaking some parts of the letters. It looked almost as a military style type that you can find on military boxes, but in a very sophisticated and dignified way. So, I wondered why the name Garbo. My guess was that the place got its name by choosing one of the well-known dames of all times, Greta Garbo.

On that exact corner where the restaurant stands today, Plaça de les Olles and Calle de Las Damas, was the meeting place between Barcelona’s ladies of the night and sailors who were passers-by.

Which name speaks about all the Dames and ladies that visited this quarter of Barcelona, known as El Born. I find it inspiring how the story was envisioned with old etched portraits of ladies, reflecting on the time that long gone and the art that doesn’t exist anymore. Golden brush over their eyes hiding their identity. The combination of black and gold colours amplifies the sense of Power, Glamour and Tradition.

Greta Garbo’s role of lady of the night in film Anna Christie definitely inspired the author of the name, entangling the history of the location and world-famous actress into one unique background story for the place itself. The plot of the film reveals her life in a brothel and falling in love with a sailor. It was her first talking film, also known as “talking Pictures” or “talkies”. Her opening line in the film was: "Give me a whisky, ginger ale on the side. And don't be stingy, baby."

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And the food, the food was extraordinary. I felt like a Dame myself during the dinner. Especially with dark chocolate, sea salt and olive oil tapas - what a way to end this exquisite experience. I would highly recommend this place to everyone visiting Barcelona. You can start with oysters and cava, and choose any among many dishes and tapas, finishing with Pan Y Chocolate tapas, and don’t be stingy, baby!

I love how even the smallest thing on this planet can hide an interesting story.

Are you ready to tell your story to the World?

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