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Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Art Direction


We created a new B2B brand Sprau, together with our strategic partner, 4Gaia, a boutique agency from Copenhagen, Denmark.
Sprau is a startup venture of Viking Malt from Finland, well known in the Malting business.

The Objective
The invention of a completely new B2B brand in the plant-based sector with Brand name creation and Visual Identity System. 
Re-discovering an ancient forgotten crop Faba (Broad bean or Fava bean) in Finland with a pioneering germination process in a plant-based sector, for better human nutrition and planet well-being.

The Challenge
Communicating Germination and functional and emotional Benefits of faba - a bean with a rich macro-micro nutrient profile, and the highest protein content among other legumes in the Northern hemisphere.

The Solution
Sprau - Brand name meaning
Emphasizing the sprouting process by positioning germination as primal energy of nature, a spark, a burst of energy. It is a virtue of a non-visible living energy force - an initial spark that lights up existing energy and awakens the bean.

Reason to Believe 

We discovered the potential of an ancient crop, the faba bean, that has been present in Finland since the 13th century. Our faba beans come from northern Finnish terrain, located at the northernmost point for faba bean cultivation in the world - 63°N. 

And then we did something unique, something that requires skill, something that requires understanding. With a specially tailored use of water, air, heat and time, in a process called germination, we natured the bean - slowly, carefully - so that it reaches its full potential, to a beanful of life. 

Brand tagline - Beanful of life

It is not just a humble bean. It has been awakened to something more: to the best of itself, to its full potential. It is now bursting with it. 

It is not just a tiny bean. It’s a handful of hope, of spring, of looking forward, to the best. So small. So powerful. So majestic. So natural. 

A bean full of life. 



Beanful of life.

Client / 

Viking Malt


Role / 

Brand Stategy, Brand identity, Art Direction

Photo / 

Markku Lempinen
Elina Innanen

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